About Me


Tommie Flannery Baskis began painting at an early age.  A native of Southern Indiana she was inspired by the Ohio River, the beautiful hills she hiked and camped upon and the variety of trees, flowers and insects that were abundant throughout the seasons.

Since childhood, Tommie has always been intrigued with exploring the “rural path”.  She has a great curiosity for old, abandoned places and haunts, the fragments that are left behind from people’s lives and the folklore/stories that have been handed down. Tommie’s photographs reflect an ethereal composition which illuminates the spirit in nature. This also brings to light the timeless soul and story that has been forgotten.

During school, Tommie was encouraged by her family and teachers to pursue and hone her talent. While attending Indiana University, she decided to pursue the path of
self-study, abandoning the rigid structure of traditional art classes. After painting several national and local mural designs and exhibiting her artwork she began to develop her own style of painting and photography.

In her paintings she utilizes a dry brush effect with acrylic paint to achieve the
multi-layered and fine detail prominent in her work. She chooses to mix with three primary colors to attain the many hues that are present in her ethereal and conceptual paintings.

Alongside her paintings Tommie pursued her photography of abandoned places, old forgotten cemeteries, historic towns, forest roads and countryside. The discovery of  unique objects that have been left behind helped to  shape and cultivate her vision and story of the river towns in the  Midwest and beyond into America.

At the current time Tommie’s plans are on capturing and documenting  photographically  the story and history of “Old Americana” along the forgotten roads, towns, abandoned places in order to shine a light on “The Abandoned Story”


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