The Old Homestead

The Lonely Hours
The Lonely Hours

The Old Homestead

Upon arriving through the mist and rain it came into view…

The soft blue that I remember covering the cedar wood planks brought an instant feeling of peace and warmth.  Perhaps it was the warmth of the memories and intimacy we had shared as humans and house…

The flower gardens still contained life but thrusted upward to the light through the Autumn falling of leaf and storm.

It was with a solemn heart I entered the white door…into the largest chasm of silence I have ever known.

The wooden floor creaked to life as I gently walked upon it.  The fireplace, so barren, would be glowing with much warmth on a chilled, December afternoon.

I looked around and saw what litttle we had left behind and realized how much we had taken from here…

Our spirit comes and goes but this house has a spirit, too.  It is slumbering, waiting in the coolness…for us to return.

I have only to give it my thoughts of thankfulness and love for being a refuge through the time that was lived inside of it.  I have only the memories of the wind chimed evenings with storm coming, sun inspired day that led to dreaming in the coolness of the forest.  Fire flamed, dusky autumn eves drinking wine and looking into the faraway, misty hills past the forest line. I would prepare, without ceremony, the evening meal and listen to Billy Holiday on a recording.  I was always gazing out into the forest of trees and watching them change through the seasons.  It was a magical time…The River, the Land and the House will always be in me.

We were loving, creating and mostly living here for a short journey that had to come to an end.

There are so many moments to recall and I have taken them with me.  I feel I have brought lonliness here and it has traveled with me.  There is still a presence of us, a spirit that has been left behind…waiting for our return perhaps.  I wonder if it will always remain.  If it will be waiting for me.

The time is drawing near for me to leave…I watch a sun ray filter through late afternoon clouds to find it’s path to lay gently upon a wall…a silent and peaceful warmth…It is a parting grace.

Forever in my memories…you will live.


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