The Old Doll Face

  The Old Doll Face

 I love the story behind the photograph of this doll head.

Paul and I were driving one October down old Hwy. 111 on Halloween night. Down towards the end of the old Highway was an old farmhouse that had elaborate Spooky decorations all around their yard. It was near dark and many of the spooks, goblins and skeletons were lit by lights and seemed to be particularly eerie.  We slowed down to get a photograph and a man and woman came out of the old farmhouse.  They were  brother and sister and they invited us into the yard to roam around and look at their spooky spectacle.  The brother was telling Paul of who was already feeling uncomfortable from the brother’s over-the-top enthusiasm, about the old barn in the back acreage that housed more festive Halloween lore.

They seemed to be very friendly and my curiosity always wins in the end, so I persuaded Paul into a quick tour of the “haunted barn.”  It was the most elaborate collection of mismatched items and junk depicting every imaginable torture and nightmare conceivable. It was quite a site to see and I felt as though we were with two children who had worked so very hard on their creation and just had to show it to us. I am glad we obliged. Just as Paul was looking anxiously at plastic limbs painted with cheap red paint hanging from the ceiling the brother started talking about his slaughter house where they butcher their pigs. I believe that was the straw that broke the mummies back for Paul and as we were going through the makeshift rooms of the haunted barn I ran into a table of headless dolls. This is the prize that I received that night.  I loved this doll head.  It was not only old but the sister had painted the face of the doll.  I have exhibited this photograph and people are always so curious about it and the story.



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